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"The Intuitive Eating Journey" online seminar

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Whole, healthy,
intuitive you

Hi, I am Aida Khzrtian, a Certified Holistic Health Coach specialized in eating behaviour and psychology.

I'm here to guide you on your path to a happier and healthier you.

Our journey together is about improving your relationship with food, overcoming binge eating, overeating and emotional eating.


My purpose is to help you break free from the toxic diet culture, have freedom around food, eat intuitively, and develop habits that serve your physical and mental health. 

How is your relationship with food?


My story

Image by Sarah Dorweiler

I know how it feels to be here. I understand the challenges of having an unhealthy relationship with food, as I, too, once struggled with an eating disorder.


I was trapped in diet-binge cycle, believing that this was how my life would always be.  But I found a way out, and I'm here to help you do the same. 

Alene, France

"As someone who has tried countless diets, I was skeptical about another approach. But Aida has transformed my perspective on eating and health in general. At the age of 62 I am just learning how to listen to my own body. It's been life-changing!"

I am here to guide you,
if you find yourself...

  • overeating, binge eating, or emotionally eating​

  • constantly thinking about food and your body

  • feeling guilt and shame after eating

  • trying diets after diets and nothing seems to work

  • feeling like you are "addicted" to certain foods, for e.g. sugar 

  • dissatisfied with the way you look and how you feel

  • stuck in the cycle of restricting, binging and purging

  • weighing frequently and obsessing over the number on the scale

  • having little energy, feeling tired and lost

True wellness goes beyond just what's on your plate.

While I address various aspects of health, from liver to hormones, from digestive issues and stress management, my passion and specialization lie in transforming your behavior around food and your body.

My work is guided by four pillars: nutritional, neurological, physical, and emotional. These pillars lay the groundwork for my holistic approach to health.

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